meal ministry

Through our meal ministry, Wellspring intends to take meals to those recovering from surgery, a hospital stay, moms who have given birth, or others who, for some reason, would be blessed by our church providing meals for a short period of time.  This is not a burdensome ministry-sometimes we may go 1-2 months without a request. 

If you have participated in this ministry in the past, please, let Carolyn Reid know if you would like to continue.

If you would like to begin serving in this ministry, please contact Carolyn Reid to sign up.

Carolyn Reid 319-750-1711 or 319-385-3159.

meal ministry help

Do you have a need for help from our Wellspring meal ministry? Please send us a message through our contact form by clicking here, or call our office at 319-385-4032. You can also call
Carolyn Reid at 319-750-1711 or 319-385-3159