Wellspring's response to the coronavirus has been a discussion the Elders have not taken lightly. The Elders have been closely following each new development and are working hard to make wise and careful judgments to best serve our church and community.

We have considered many options for the next few weeks. As for now, Sunday worship services have been cancelled until the Elders feel it's safe to resume meeting together. Please know that things will function differently for the next period of time, but that will afford us some great opportunities to reconsider what "church" truly is. We also trust that for the weeks that we are apart, our hearts will crave to join together again in praise of our Lord.

The Elders will continue to strategically consider how to best “shepherd the flock of God that is among [us],” as Peter has told us to do (1 Peter 5.2).  Given our discontinuation of Sunday services, we are considering alternative ways to shepherd and feed the flock. Out of love, our desire to care for your souls through this challenging season has not diminished in the slightest.  Some plans have been formed to address this and others are in development. We will have more information in the following days about other ways to stay connected to one another at Wellspring. Thank you for your patience.

We recognize that some of you may be relieved by this decision, and others may be frustrated by it, viewing it as an overreaction.  We believe our government is seeking the best interest of the population, and think it best to follow their lead. These are difficult and complex decisions.

We do not make this call because we are afraid, but because we desire to love our neighbors well. Out of a desire to help reduce the potential of spread in our own congregation, and protect more vulnerable populations of our communities, we are choosing to do our part in reducing the risk of disease spread.

This is a rapidly-evolving situation, and we are committed to keeping you looped in as we go forward. Keep one another in prayer, and be intentional to check-in with one another!  Live as the church even while we’re not gathered together as the church!

Please come back often for updates to Wellspring's response. Follow us on   for more details. 

Elders of Wellspring